Multiplication Of Polynomials

Special Products

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Special Products

In this section we will cover special products.

Binomial square

A binomial square such as will always result in the square a the first term plus the square of the last and the product of first term and the last term times two.

ie =

Lets work more examples



c(c) + 6(c) + 6(c) + 6(6)


(a – 7)(a – 7)

a(a) – 7(a) – 7(a) + 7(7)


(2b – 1)(2b – 1)

2b(2b) – 1(2b) – 1(2b) + 1

Product of a sum an differnce.

When ever you multiply two binomial that are similar but only a sign change difference, the answer is the square of the first minus the square of the second.


(a – 3)(a + 3)

a(a) – 3(a) + 3(a) – 3(3)

(b + 5)(b – 5)

So then you should see the pattern

(a + b)(a – b)

(x + y)(x – y)

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